Be a Responsible, Loving Puppy Parent

The way your pet behaves is entirely up to you. As a pet owner, your responsibility includes teaching your puppy appropriate behaviour in different situations and environments so he can become a well adjusted, confident and obedient dog. It’s not hard work and can be a lot of fun whilst helping to build a strong and trusting relationship between you and your puppy.
It is important to understand what your responsibilities are as a puppy parent.

  • Responsibility for your dog’s health:
    • Routine veterinary care
    • Good nutrition through proper diet and clean water
    • Daily exercise
    • Regular grooming and bathing
  • Responsibility for your dog’s safety:
    • Proper control of your dog by providing appropriate fencing around the garden and using a lead and collar in public
    • Identification either with a collar and tag, microchip or tattoo
    • Supplying adequate supervision when dogs and children are together
  • Not allowing your dog to infringe the rights of others by:
    • Running loose in the neighbourhood
    • Excessive barking
    • Soiling in public areas without cleaning up after your dog
  • Responsibility for your dog’s quality of life
    • Basic training is beneficial to all dogs
    • Attention and playtimes are essential
    • Commitment in time and caring