Top Marks for Behaviour

Puppy schools lay the foundation for puppies to become obedient lovable companions. It's important to start the school routine as early as eight weeks, but before 16 weeks. "What your pup learns during 'puppy-hood' - the first four months - affects its lifelong behaviour", says Hill's animal behaviour consultant vet, Dr Quixi Sonntag.

To help find a school that's best suited for you and your pup, ask these questions:

  • Does the trainer have the relevant experience and qualifications?
  • Is the trainer approachable and encouraging?
  • Is the venue secure and enclosed?
  • Are positive reinforcements methods used?
  • Should your pup be vaccinated before joining the school? (Puppy schools usually accept puppies for training after their first vaccination, which are around six to eight weeks of age.)
  • How many puppies will be in the class?
  • Ask to attend a training session to get a feel of what you and your pup can expect from the potential class.

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