What is Puppy School?

Unlike traditional training classes, Puppy School is specifically designed for puppies eight to 20 weeks of age. This is a very important developmental period for puppies as they are very accepting of new situations and experiences.

This is the best possible time to expose your puppy to everything that they need to get used to, to fit into their 'parents' world:

  • Different kinds of people (races, age groups, men and women)
  • Strange objects (bicycles, skateboards, balloons, hats)
  • Other animals (including other puppies, adult dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, horses, livestock)
  • Strange noises (television, radio, vacuum cleaners, traffic)
  • Funny smells (perfumes, car exhausts, cigarettes, exotic foods, cleaning agents)

For some dogs, missing this ‘window of opportunity’ can lead to a life time of fear and possibly aggression. Even though it is important to continue to expose your dog to as many things as possible throughout adolescence, this early period is seen as perhaps the most important.

Many people still think that their puppy is too young or unable to attend Puppy School at this age because of the threat of infectious diseases. However Puppy Schools are specifically designed as a way to meet the vital need for exposure and socialisation in a clean, safe, supervised environment.

But that is only part of Puppy School. Probably the most important aspect of Puppy School is to equip you, the puppy parent, with the skills and knowledge to make your puppy a pleasure to live with for the rest of their life. You will learn the skills to train your puppy, to properly care for your puppy and to ensure that your puppy is socially acceptable.