Why should you attend Puppy School?

Anyone with a puppy between 8 and 20 weeks should attend a puppy school, regardless of breed. Each year thousands of dogs end up in shelters and rescue organisations, many of which are euthanised, due to behavioural problems developing in later life. This is often the result of a lack of proper socialisation, habituation and training in the important early developmental stage of a puppy's life.

Puppy School provides a safe, controlled environment for puppies to:

  • Socialise with other puppies.
  • Learn acceptable behaviour toward other dogs.

Puppy School provides a structured environment for you to:

  • Gain the knowledge & skill to take care of your puppy, from vaccinations and health care, right through to nutrition and grooming tips.
  • Acquire the skills to train your puppy and therefore help turn it into a socially acceptable adult dog.
  • Socialise and habituate your puppy in a controlled environment under expert supervision.